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5 professionals who swear by our steam solutions

06/17/2016 | Jiffy Steamer

5 professionals who swear by our steam solutions

Everybody knows Jiffy makes the very best personal clothing steamers on the market, but not everyone knows that when our company was founded over 75 years ago, we were manufacturing hat steamers! Today, professional hat makers still rely on Jiffy Steamer every day. But so do professionals across a number of industries! Check out these five pros putting their Jiffy Steamers to use in five very different industries.

Milliner Barbara Feinman

Barbara Feinman, owner of Barbara Feinman Millinery, and her small team of milliners design and make gorgeous, custom hats in a shop in Manhattan’s East Village. She’s been using her Jiffy Steamer J-1 hat steamer for 25 years! “The fundamental way you make a felt hat is with steam. That’s it. You have to have a reliable source of steam at hand,” Feinman told us. “We can’t make hats without it.”

Bridal Stylist Jackie Weppner

Jackie Weppner knows weddings better than anyone, and knows that having a Jiffy Steamer on hand is key to a successful bridal look. Weppner is the founder of Merci New York, a boutique styling house for wedding editorials as well as brides seeking to implement their dream wedding looks. She and her team use the convenient ESTEAM handheld steamer on photoshoot sets as well as in the bridal suite when they’re helping a bride and her maids get dressed.

Textile Conservator Julia Brennan

The last time you saw a historical textile in a museum, you may not have thought about how it got there. But textile conservator Julia Brennan of Caring for Textiles knows exactly what that process looks like! In her work preserving antique textiles (think centuries old wedding gowns, quilts, tapestries and more), she uses her Jiffy Steamer to ensure no damage is done to these precious fabrics. “It’s the gentler solution to relaxing creases and improving the appearance of delicate historic textiles, that cannot be pressed,” Brennan explained.

College Basketball Coach Bobby Steinburg

The first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about college athletics is probably not the ESTEAM handheld steamer. But Division I basketball coach Bobby Steinburg considers his travel steamer an essential for away games. It keeps his suits looking fresh and wrinkle-free on the sidelines—and at recruiting events and important speaking engagements.

Celebrity Stylist Anita Patrickson

Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, making it oh-so-important that they look presentable everywhere they go. Stylist to stars like Chrissy Teigen and Hilary Duff Anita Patrickson knows that the key to a flawless look is a Jiffy Steamer. “I love the handheld Jiffy Steamer!” She told OK! Magazine. “The little one is so easy to use and compact, I haven’t used an iron in a decade.”

Want to use the high quality steamer favored by professionals in every industry? Shop Jiffy Steamer today!