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The ironing alternative

Steam vastly outperforms ironing when it comes to safely and gently removing clothing wrinkles. While one application of a hot iron crushes and distorts fabric fibers, steaming actually relaxes them. The fashion industry continuously turns to steam as its go-to garment care solution.

Window film removal

Removing window film and vinyl wrap can be a frustrating task. Using razor blades or ammonia mixes is time-consuming and increases the risk of leaving residue or window damage. Hot steam quickly and safely unbinds glue from windows, dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to remove window film or vinyl wrap.

Bed bug busting

One out of five Americans has had a bed bug infestation or knows someone who’s encountered bed bugs, which can invade the cleanest of homes. Traditional chemicals and fumigation tactics are ineffective and potentially dangerous. However, studies show pure, clean steam safely kills 100 percent of bed bugs on direct contact.

Dust mite disruption

Dust mites represent one of the leading causes of asthma and allergy attacks. A single ounce of dust can hold more than 40,000 microscopic mites. They can evade dusting and vacuuming, but hot steam penetrates surfaces where they reside, killing them on contact and providing asthma and allergy relief.

Custom footwear fit

Breaking in leather and exotic skin footwear can take weeks and cause soreness or painful blisters. Steam reduces this process to mere hours by relaxing the material to mold to the shape of the wearer’s foot. Footwear stores see the value of this method in the form of increased sales and happier customers.

Ball glove shaping

Shaping and forming a new ball glove to a player’s hand can require throwing up to 2,500 pitches. However, using steam softens glove leather and makes it more flexible. This dramatically shortens the break-in period, ensuring the glove is ready to go for opening day.

Scientifically Proven Hay Steaming

Dust and airborne particles in hay can lead to serious respiratory conditions in horses. Steam kills harmful mold spores and bacteria. Hay steaming is scientifically proven to aid in respiratory disease prevention and improve performance while creating a very palatable feed for horses.

Equine Nebulization

Flexineb is a silent, portable and highly effective equine nebulization device that adapts to administering a broad range of medications and natural therapies. This nebulizer delivers the medication to the point of need in the lower respiratory system by creating aerosolized particles less than 5 microns in size.

And the list goes on ...

The power of steam extends into a variety of other industries and applications:

  • Clothing retailers and dry cleaners steam garments for quick wrinkle removal.
  • Wallpaper installers steam to easily remove wallpaper.
  • Caterers smooth tablecloths in homes, restaurants or convention halls.
  • Salons style wigs and hairpieces.
  • Drapery stores and interior decorators steam draperies, curtains and sheers on site.
  • Professional bakers use steam to assist with adding sheen to fondant.
  • Furniture upholsterers steam to stretch, smooth and finish furniture, upholstery and dust ruffles.
  • Craft shops shape and remove wrinkles from ribbons, bows and needlework items.
  • Auto outfitters fit and finish auto interiors, including headliners and convertible tops.
  • Leather industry professionals use the power of steam to soften, stretch and mold leather goods.
  • Carpet retailers and installers steam while installing carpet and to remove furniture marks.