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5 unexpected ways Jiffy Steamer is using the power of steam

03/30/2016 | Jiffy Steamer

5 unexpected ways Jiffy Steamer is using the power of steam

Everybody knows Jiffy Steamer makes the very best clothing steamers on the market—but did you know we offer lots of other unexpected steam solutions as well? The power of pure, clean steam delivered through an American-made Jiffy Steamer product can be harnessed to make lots of jobs and pieces of our lives easier. Here are five steam solutions you might not already know about:

Installing Carpets

When it comes to installing new carpeting, hiring a professional can be far too expensive, while traditional do-it-yourself methods often require hours of kneeling and result in enduring back pain. Our carpet steamers simplify the process of installing carpeting by relaxing and stretching the carpet—so you can enjoy a beautiful and comfortable home without the stress.  If you don’t want to tackle this task yourself, just watch what the installer uses to relax the backing of the carpet…we bet they reach for a Jiffy Steamer!

Removing Wallpaper

If the wallpaper in your home is stuck in the 1970s, or if you are simply looking to refresh the look and feel of a room, you’re probably bracing yourself for hours of scraping and peeling. But you don’t have to! Steam unbinds wallpaper adhesive and allows you to quickly and effortlessly peel the paper off the wall.

Eliminating Dust Mites

Dust mites are a leading trigger of allergy and asthma symptoms, and might be behind your family’s discomfort in their own home. You can spend hours dusting and vacuuming every day without making a dent in your home’s dust mite population. Or, you can use the X-Series by Jiffy Steamer, with pure steam that can kill up to 100% of dust mites!

Breaking In Baseball Gloves

Baseball players know it can take thousands of pitches to break in a new glove. A stiff glove is more likely to result in errors during the game, so the long break-in period can be a problem for any level of player. Using steam, on the other hand, quickly and easily softens the glove’s leather, making it more flexible and molds to the player’s hand. Jiffy Steamer’s GloveFlex process ensures your new glove is perfectly broken in before you need it on game day!

Keeping Horses Healthy

Our Haygain hay steamers help enhance and protect horses’ health by ensuring their forage is properly steamed. The steaming power of the Haygain kills harmful mold spores and bacteria found in hay. The process is scientifically proven to aid in respiratory disease prevention and improve the overall health and performance of horses.

Jiffy Steamer offers a steam solution for everyone, from home renovators to ball players to horse owners. Just on the hunt for a way to keep the wrinkles out of your favorite sweaters? We’ve got that covered, too. Shop all of our steam solutions at!