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Celebrating 20 Years of E-commerce

03/10/2017 | Jiffy Steamer

Celebrating 20 Years of E-commerce

In 1940, we invented the original steamer and steaming process for hat shaping. As this was a brand new product, sales were made by going door-to-door to showcase the Model J-1. Throughout the years we continued to innovate and created the personal and professional clothing steamers, carpet steamer, upholstery steamer, SteamBlade, X-Series and more. At Jiffy Steamer, our goal is to find ways to make our customers’ lives easier with the power of steam.

One of the ways we made our customers’ lives easier started back in the early 1990s with a new-fangled tool called a website on the world wide web. Our tradition of innovation and our dedication to our customers means we’re always looking for ways to improve. Back then, having a website wasn’t required for business, but was a brand new avenue to reach our customers with information and resources. Along with calling, faxing or ordering directly from a dealer, our customers could now order online. Exactly twenty years ago today, March 10, 1997, we made our first online sale of a Jiffy Steamer. Back then, we had no idea how e-commerce would change the business world or how Jiffy Steamer’s product distribution would be impacted.

E-commerce is constantly changing and so are the demands of our customers. Throughout the years, our site has gone through quite a few different looks.

Check out some of them below (click on the images to see a larger screenshot):

1997 Jiffy Steamer Website Screenshot


This was the first version of our site and it included a brief history of the Jiffy Steamer company as well as information about the steamers we offered and the ability to submit an order form to make a Jiffy Steamer purchase online. The first Jiffy Steamer was sold on our website on March 10, 1997.

2002 Jiffy Steamer Website Screenshot


At the beginning of the new millennium, we added a lot more information to our site, including a new logo! As the internet had progressed, we were able to host more resources including demo videos, the dealer locator and our warranty.

2007 Jiffy Steamer Website Screenshot


In 2007, we upgraded our site and included brand new imagery, a cost savings calculator, competitive advantages and showcased the difference between steaming and ironing. One of the best things we added was live chat with our customer service team.

2015 Jiffy Steamer Website Screenshot


Our current site design was launched in 2015 and it include our newest logo design. The current site is constantly tweaked and updated to give our customers the best experience. Over the last year, we’ve had over 127,000 users come to our site.


Thank you for sticking with us through the years and growing with Jiffy Steamer!