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Jiffy Steamer Featured as Green Cleaning Tool

10/17/2016 | Jiffy Steamer

Jiffy Steamer Featured as Green Cleaning Tool

Last month, the eco-friendly bloggers at Labient launched the Ultimate Step-by-Step Zero-Waste Cleaning Guide, featuring tips and tricks for a sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning routine that’ll leave your home sparkling.

The guide lists the benefits of creating and adhering to a cleaning routine, and outlines the tools necessary to ensure your cleaning routine is green. It’s easier than you may have thought to clean and refresh your home without using toxic chemicals!

The very first green-cleaning tool on Labient’s list? A steamer, of course.

“Let me introduce you to the secret magic wand of zero-waste cleaning: steaming,” reads the guide.

Labient’s top steamer recommendation is our J-2000 personal multipurpose steamer, which comes complete with our interchangeable steam head kit, designed to handle a variety of steaming jobs around the house.

“Whatever you do,” Labient advises, “don’t get one of those $20 ‘as seen on TV’ steamers. If you do, prepare to face lots of frustration. These cheap steamers don’t generate enough steam, leak, and break. You will end up tossing them every 6 months, which is bad news for the environment.”

We don’t want to give away all the juicy details of this awesome guide! Check it out for yourself over on the Labient blog, and then shop our multipurpose steamers today.

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