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Jiffy Steamer’s Extraordinary Company Culture

07/07/2017 |

Jiffy Steamer’s Extraordinary Company Culture

In today’s modern age, more and more companies are implementing a culture that attracts and retains outstanding employees and loyal customers. At Jiffy Steamer, we take that quest to a whole new level. We know our employees are the backbone of our business and aid in cultivating happy customers who continue to support our brand’s goals. To build a solid foundation for our success, we have created a well-rounded mission with these important people positioned at the forefront.

Encouraging Employee Commitment

Opening the doors in 1940, Jiffy Steamer has celebrated over seventy-seven years of excellence. We could never have accomplished this without our devoted staff. The team at Jiffy Steamer shares the goal of providing the highest quality steamers money can buy. To prove their dedication, they spend countless hours testing each steamer to make sure it is ready for the customer. With fifty-two unique steps that must be completed to construct one product, manufacturing a Jiffy Steamer could not effectively be completed without employees who care. We show our appreciation to these amazing people each and every day. That is evident in our employee retention as the average tenure is over twenty years. We plan to continue offering a great place for people to learn and grow.

Surpassing Customer Expectations

Any company’s customers are just as important as the employees. Without customers, the employees would be out of a job. Together with the assistance of our employees, we prove our commitment to shoppers by utilizing only quality products to make our steamers. Every component of a Jiffy Steamer is made in America. While this may cost us a little more, we know the method forms a product that will last much longer. To further demonstrate our vow to customers, Jiffy Steamer provides a best in industry, three-year warranty for every product we sell. Not only do we believe in our steamers and steaming accessories, but we back them up, too. Should any customer discover a problem with their Jiffy Steamer, they are always able to speak to an understanding Jiffy Steamer employee, not a machine, during our business hours. We realize many people use their steamers daily, so all repairs are completed on a twenty-four hour turnaround to make sure customers get access to their steamers as quickly as possible.

As we continue to grow and thrive, Jiffy Steamer will always place our company culture above everything else. Keeping our employees and customers happy is our main purpose and objective, as we would be nothing without them! To learn more about our amazing personal, professional and travel steamers, visit!