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Jiffy Steamer’s J-4000M Rated Best Clothes Steamer for 2017

01/10/2017 | Jiffy Steamer

Jiffy Steamer’s J-4000M Rated Best Clothes Steamer for 2017

This month, our J-4000M was put to the test and rated as the best clothes steamer for 2017. The good people over at Ezvid, Inc. spent 33 hours testing steamers for their durability, time to heat, use of chemicals (or lack thereof!), ease of use, how long it takes to steam and more. Through all of the rigorous testing, our J-4000M came out on top, beating Rowenta and PurSteam models!

In their write-up of all ten models, Ezvid, Inc. had this to say about our steamer:
“The Jiffy Steamer J-4000M is a powerful machine that can steam non-stop for two hours. It sits on a sturdy base so you can roll it from closet to closet without it tipping. Plus, it’s light enough that it won’t exhaust your arm.”

Some of the top features Ezvid, Inc. noted about the Jiffy Steamer J-4000M are the die cast aluminum housing we use to create it, the four metal heads that can be used with the same model of steamer and the long hose which makes getting those hard-to-reach places a breeze!

Ezvid, Inc. also pointed out how much better it is for your clothes to steam compared to ironing, and we couldn’t agree more. While ironing smashes and damages fibers, steam smooths the fibers without crushing them which extends the life of your clothes. Plus, steaming is faster than ironing which can be a lifesaver during those rushed mornings.

While the J-4000M is a top-rated professional model, our personal steamers are perfect for using in your home on clothing, tablecloths, bedspreads and delicate materials. The J-2000, our personal steamer, is more suited for home use because of its quick heat up time (even faster than the pros!); its smaller, more compact design; removable water tank that’s easy to fill; and is more budget friendly as its use of electricity is low.

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